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Supply Chain Tracking and Tracing

Effective supply chain management is vital to running a profitable business and is a very important key to high quality customer service and increasing market share in a very competitive global environment. As the demands and expectations of your customers grow with increased technology and competition, efficient supply chain management is crucial.

Whether you wish to monitor temperatures inside a shipping container,  trace the precise location of a package, optimize your truck’s route or have many different types of alerts sent, OneSimCard M2M services  play an important role in managing your supply chain and getting your products to your customers on-time and in proper condition.  

OneSimCard M2M / IoT services work with enterprises and logistics companies to understand their individual needs and custom design solutions to increase supply chain efficiency.

OneSimCard M2M’s advanced administrative account portal allows customers great flexibility in completely setting parameters to be monitored along with trigger notifications. The portal also offer extensive reporting and expense management tools. 

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