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OneSimCard M2M eSIM Bootstrap Profiles

eSIM bootstrap profiles allow M2M/ IoT device manufacturers to  complete device testing prior to customer delivery and to provide a working device with a temporary network service provider to their customers. The customer will be able to change the network provider later if required or keep OneSimCard as the network provider for future use.

eSIMs (embedded SIMs)  should not leave the factory empty. By installing a OneSimCard  M2M Bootstrap on an eSIM,  device users not only receive an operational device upon delivery but also the opportunity to purchase an immediately available Operational Profile from OneSimCard M2M.  Following connection to the OneSimCard M2M provisioning server, device users can decide whether to continue using OneSimCard M2M services or choose another carrier. If the user chooses OneSimCard M2M, the  profile provisioning server will securely send back the OneSimCard M2M Operational Profile to the eSIM via the OneSimCard M2M e SIM Bootstrap.

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