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OneSimCard M2M is a leading provider of M2M / IoT services in over 160 countries. We specialize in providing solutions both to enterprise users and IoT device manufacturers & distributors. For both groups, OneSimCard M2M offers the premium Global IoT SIM Card. This IoT SIM card features network redundancy in most countries and “No Steering” to less expensive networks.

In most major countries, OneSimCard M2M offers roaming on 2 or more wireless partner networks. The OneSimCard IoT SIM Card is programmed to register on the available network that offers the best signal strength. This is very different from other companies who usually have their IoT Roaming SIM cards register on the less expensive network available. In this way, the OneSimCard IoT platform assures that its users are always connected to the best available network.  For both mobile and fixed location applications, OneSimCard IoT platform and the Global IoT SIM Card are truly an industry leading choice. 

The OneSimCard M2M Global IoT SIM Card and the OneSimCard IoT platform were developed for many key IoT industry segments where OneSimCard M2M offers advanced IoT solutions and expertise. These segments include:

Fleet Management Solutions

Transportation telematics have become a vital component in the managing of an efficient and cost effective fleet. Whether it is cutting down idle times, increasing delivery performance or better managing fuel usage, drive times or vehicle maintenance, telematics now plays a mission critical role and is a key factor in both controlling and reducing costs and expenses.

OneSimCard M2M and its IoT platform offers the fleet management industry advanced IoT solutions, products and services to optimize their businesses and use their vehicles in the most efficient manner possible. The OneSimCard M2M Global IoT SIM Card was specifically designed for Fleet Management Solutions with outstanding Network Connectivity and Redundancy worldwide and no network “Steering” of IoT SIM cards.  OneSimCard Global IoT SIM Cards are programmed to register on the IoT Roaming partner network offering the best signal strength. Whether the vehicles are traveling across town or across Europe, fleet managers can be assured of the best possible network coverage available by choosing the OneSimCard M2M Global IoT SIM Card.

OneSimCard M2M /IoT services also offers fleet management companies an advanced administrative account portal and IoT dashboard, along with an IoT platform which allows easy management thousands of IoT sim cards.  In addition, OneSimCard M2M offer IoT industry leading flexibility in data plans and service pricing by evaluating each project and application on its own merit. Unlike some of its IoT competitors, OneSimCard does not have any monthly management fees.

As an international global roaming IoT SIM card, OneSimCard M2M offers especially outstanding IoT service and pricing to fleets which are crossing international borders. With coverage in over 160 countries and network redundancy in all major countries, OneSimCard M2M’s international IoT roaming offering is industry leading.

OneSimCard M2M also continues to support 2G IoT devices in the United States, Canada and throughout the world. Due to our hundreds of international roaming agreements, OneSimCard M2M is able to offer 2G IoT services across the globe on still operating 2G networks. This is in stark contrast to our competitors who often only have a single roaming partner in each country and therefore are unable to offer 2G IoT services if their single partner has already closed their 2G network.

For all these numerous reasons, OneSimCard M2M is the chosen IoT services provider for numerous fleet management companies across the globe.

Connected Vehicle

The last few years have seen enormous growth in the number of connected vehicles on the road. Connected car IoT applications are very numerous and include key categories such as vehicle safety, vehicle management, mobility management and entertainment. From avoiding accidents to choosing the rest route to your destination or playing your favorite music from a remotely connected IoT device, the expansion and usage of IoT connected vehicles will continue to dramatically grow.  But, of the over 1.2 billion motor vehicles in use worldwide, only a small percentage are "IoT connected”.  This creates a huge “Automotive Aftermarket” IoT solutions opportunity to connect all those unconnected vehicles. It is this market segment which is the focus of OneSimCard M2M.

Automotive Aftermarket manufacturers need to present the entire solution to their customers. Their IoT devices may be excellent, but the end consumer must also be able to easily acquire quality and cost effective IoT connectivity. OneSimCard M2M works with Automotive Aftermarket device manufacturers & distributors on numerous IoT SIM card solutions, including embedded, which allow end users to purchase connectivity service contracts along with the device. Working with OneSimCard M2M, Automotive device OEMs & distributors are able to present a complete solution to their customers so that their device is truly “Plug and Play” in over 160 countries.

Asset Tracking

Outstanding GPRS / GSM technology now allows users worldwide to track their valuable assets in real time. Whether the IoT devices are tracking vehicles, suitcases, cargo containers, freight, or even a beloved pet, the OneSimCard M2M Global IoT SIM Card and IoT Platform offers device manufacturers & distributors premium worldwide IoT services. 

Key to providing OneSimCard M2M customers premium Asset Tracking IoT services, is the way the OneSimCard Global IoT SIM Card is engineered. This global roaming IoT SIM card has over 325 partner roaming networks worldwide. In all the major business and tourism countries, OneSimCard M2M has 2 or more network partners. This network redundancy allows OneSimCard M2M to continuously offer its customers the best available network by constantly monitoring signal strength. The OneSimCard M2M Global IoT SIM card seeks out the strongest signal and registers on that network, even when  valuable assets are crossing borders. For more information on OneSimCard M2M’s Network Connectedly and Redundancy please visit the technology page.

In addition, OneSimCard M2M’s advanced administrative IoT platform provides easy management of thousands of OneSimCards, allowing customers to dramatically improve both the security and visibility of their mobile valuable assets.  

Supply Chain Tracking and Tracing

Effective supply chain management is vital to running a profitable business and is a very important key to high quality customer service and increasing market share in a very competitive global environment. As the demands and expectations of your customers grow with increased technology and competition, efficient supply chain management is crucial.

Whether you wish to monitor temperatures inside a shipping container,  trace the precise location of a package, optimize your truck’s route or have many different types of alerts sent, OneSimCard M2M services  play an important role in managing your supply chain and getting your products to your customers on-time and in proper condition.  

OneSimCard M2M / IoT services work with enterprises and logistics companies to understand their individual needs and custom design solutions to increase supply chain efficiency.

OneSimCard M2M’s advanced administrative account portal allows customers great flexibility in completely setting parameters to be monitored along with trigger notifications. The portal also offer extensive reporting and expense management tools. 


Whether it is a smart watch, a  child / elderly tracker or a medical monitoring device, M2M / IoT connectivity is often key to its optimal functionality. As the OneSimCard M2M  Global IoT SIM Card is a international Roaming SIM, it is ideally suited to support GPRS / GSM wearables worldwide.

As wearables are a consumer electronics product, a key to customer satisfaction and gratification is a complete product which works straight out of the box. This is especially important in consumer IoT segments as many people simply will not buy an M2M consumer product if they are not offered service connectivity and service costs at the point of sale.

OneSimCard M2M / IoT works with device manufacturers & distributors to install worldwide connectivity in to their products so that consumers can immediately enjoy and utilize their new wearable. In what is truly a win–win situation, consumers no longer need to search for a service provider and manufacturers & distributors  can offer the complete solution.

In addition, the OneSimCard M2M Global IoT SIM Card is an excellent fit for wearables as it offers premium worldwide M2M services with over 325 network roaming partners.

Wearable device manufacturers & distributors may choose to pre-pay for a small amount of airtime and then allow their customers to purchase additional airtime subscriptions directly from OneSimCard M2M. OneSimCard M2M  also implements “White Label” solutions where device manufacturers & distributors can directly manager their customer base. In addition, OneSimCard offers wearable IoT product OEMs and distributors after sale customer support options.

Meter Monitoring

Worldwide IoT metering monitoring applications for electricity, water, gas and oil are all dramatically growing. Government, utilities and individuals all have a very large interest in reducing energy costs, increasing efficiency, conserving energy and reducing carbon emissions. The next few years promise ever more IoT/ M2M utilities monitoring solutions.

In this market segment, OneSimCard M2M works with both utilities and device manufacturers & distributors.  For utilities OneSimCard solutions included embedded SIMs of industrial strength, both data and SMS texting services, a professional administrative management portal and very flexible pricing per metering application.  For OEMs and distributors which are marketing metering products directly to consumers, OneSimCard M2M offers the complete product solution with immediate IoT connectivity

For both utilities and OEMs & distributors, OneSimCard provides custom designed flexible data & SMS text messaging plans which take into account the forecasted monthly usage per M2M SIM card.

Medical Monitoring

Remote Medical Monitoring is and will change the lives of millions of people for the better. The remote collection and transmission of key vital signs, blood sugar levels, blood oxygen levels, heart rate, blood pressure, weight and many others are allowing more and more people to maintain their health without having to visit or be confined to a medical facility. Other applications allow physicians to track medicine usage or the physical location of the patient.

The lifestyle advantages of remote medical monitoring are huge, as are the medical expense savings. As technology continues to improve, remote medical monitoring applications will certainly continue to increase too. Medical monitoring requires the best possible and most secure M2M connectivity available. To support this, OneSimCard M2M offers premium secure solutions featuring redundant and high speed worldwide IoT connectivity, Private APNsVPNs and Static IP addresses.

For remote medical monitoring, OneSimCard M2M’s advances administrative account portal features customizable reporting and global SIM card management.

Outstanding remote patient care is certainly one of great benefits IoT offers to society. OneSimCard M2M / IoT offers premium secure connectivity to this segment.

Digital Advertising Updates

Digital Advertising Signage is used worldwide to promote many different types of products. To be much more effective, the signage needs to be updated often with the most relevant and interesting product information or sales offering. As many signs are placed in remote locations, wireless GSM offers the best connectivity solution at the signage location.

To support the digital signage industry, OneSimCard M2M offers both data and SMS services, industrial strength SIM cards and embedded SIM card options.

Digital advertising companies can manage their entire portfolio of promotional signage via the OneSimCard M2M administrative account portal which features a host of advanced features such as trigger notifications and extensive reporting options. 

Smart Home

IoT technology has made the “Smart Home” a reality. From remotely regulating temperature, opening window shades, turning off lights or monitoring doors, M2M connectivity is vital to a smart home.  In addition, IoT plays a very large role in home security systems and alarms as many home owners want “back up” connectivity in addition to their landlines.  

In this segment, OneSimCard M2M works with both Smart Home installers and Smart Home device manufacturers & distributors. For installation companies, OneSimCard M2M offers premium M2M connectivity at a fixed location along with a very dynamic SIM card management system with advanced reporting tools and features.

For Smart Home OEMs & their distributors, OneSimCard M2M offers immediate connectivity with OneSimCards pre-installed in the device. Offering the complete solution, including an IoT service contract, is a huge benefit to end users and removes a major barrier to product sales. For manufacturers & distributors, OneSimCard M2M also offers post sales worldwide customer support options.

The OneSimCard Sponsored Roaming Solution

Specially designed for MNOs and MVNOs who offer their customers very limited or no international roaming options, the OneSimCard Sponsored Roaming Solution provides Service  Providers with immediate global roaming coverage utilizing their own SIM cards already installed in their customers’ devices and phones. 

OneSimCard’s Sponsored Roaming Solution utilizes a second International Mobile Subscriber Identity or IMSI. IMSIs  are  usually 15 digit numbers and serve as a unique indentifying number for GSM service subscribers. The IMSI number is compose of 2 parts which indentify both the GSM network where the subscriber holds their account and the subscriber’s unique identification number. In the nutshell, IMSI mean a different carrier network(s), so the SIM with multiple IMSIs can switch networks and service providers easily. The second IMSI is remotely installed onto already deployed SIM cards. There is no need to collect and change numerous deployed SIM cards in field. The Service Provider maintains controls over the user’s  behavior and the subscriber’s original phone number is retained.  The configuration ensures that  the original Operator’s IMSI is used while the device is connected domestically and then automatically switches over to the OneSimCard’s IMSI when the device is used internationally.

From the perspective of the customer, the Sponsored Roaming Solution process is entirely seamless.  Once abroad, the customer receives the same outstanding  OneSimCard coverage and service in over 200 countries as do directly subscribed OneSimCard customers.  As OneSimCard features network redundancy in most major business and tourist destinations, Sponsored Roaming customers are also assured the best possible available network and outstanding coverage.

For operators the Sponsored Roaming Solution process is equally seamless.  Profession integration assures precise IMSI switching  and accurate billing. The Operator retains full control of their customer but can now offer global roaming at very competitive prices.

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