Why OneSimCard?

  • Focus on Small and Mid-Sized Companies

    OneSimCard M2M understands the challenges faced by small and mid-sized companies when they search for a quality IoT service provider at a reasonable price for their application. OneSimCard M2M’s mission is to be the premier M2M / IoT provider  for this segment.

  • True Interest in Partnership Building

    OneSimCard M2M evaluates each opportunity on its own merits without any minimum SIM card requirements or activation fees. Our focus is on building is a long term partnership with all our customers.

  • Intelligent Pricing by Application

    OneSimCard M2M understands that many IoT applications require only small amounts of data & SMS usage each month. We are determined to work with all customers to create pricing which considers application data & SMS usage.

  • Outstanding Customer Support

    All OneSimCard M2M customers are assigned a dedicated Account Executive who will be responsible for managing the partnership. OneSimCard M2M also features highly qualified technical support 24/7.

  • 2G Network Options

    OneSimCard M2M will continue to offer 2G network support in 2017 and beyond. In addition, OneSimCard M2M offers cost effective migration options and outstanding migration bonuses for those companies wishing to upgrade from 2G.

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