International IoT / M2M SIM Card

International M2M SIM Card

Get ready for the internet of things with the IoT SIM from OneSimCard.
OneSimCard M2M / IoT SIM card is a small electronic chip which inserts into a compatible GSM device. It enables your remote device to ransfer data on 2G and 3G GSM network as well as LTE in over 160 countries.

International M2M SIM Card for IoT features:
  • Internet Data Coverage

    Internet Data Coverage in 160+ countries

  • Live Support

    24/7 Live Technical Support

  • Discount Data packages

    Discount Data plans in 82 countries

  • Free Shipping

    SIM Card Management Portal

Order Your International M2M / IoT SIM Cards:

M2M Starter Kit
M2M / IoT SIM Card Starter Kit
  • 5 IoT SIM cards
  • $10 shared balance
  • Coverage in 160+ countries
  • Web Account Management
  • Dedicated Support

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