What is "NO Steering" and why it is so important for M2M-IoT

SIM Cards offering services in multiple countries roam on many other network providers. By doing this, the coverage area is significantly increased not only in additional countries, but also within the country where services are being provided. In many countries, OneSimCard offers services on more than one network. For example, in the USA we offer roaming on AT&T and T-Mobile. In Canada, we offer roaming on Rogers, Bell Canada, Telus and Saskachewan Telecom. Some other roaming SIM providers do this too. What makes OneSimCard different though is the “No Network Steering” service.

“No Network Steering” means that not only is the coverage area enlarged, but also the service quality is improved and the speed at which the device registers on the network and start sending data is increased. Why? This is because we do not “steer” the SIM to the lowest cost network regardless of the signal strength. We offer no steering, which mean instructing the device to register on the network with the best signal.

It is logical for a carrier to try to steer the SIM to the network provider with the lowest cost. As the retail cost to end users is the same, margins are better using the lowest cost network provider. However, the quality of the service may suffer because of this. It is not that OneSimCard does not care about margins. We do. However, offering quality and reliable service with the best possible coverage is more important.

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