Asset Tracking

Outstanding GPRS / GSM technology now allows users worldwide to track their valuable assets in real time. Whether the IoT devices are tracking vehicles, suitcases, cargo containers, freight, or even a beloved pet, the OneSimCard M2M Global IoT SIM Card and IoT Platform offers device manufacturers & distributors premium worldwide IoT services. 

Key to providing OneSimCard M2M customers premium Asset Tracking IoT services, is the way the OneSimCard Global IoT SIM Card is engineered. This global roaming IoT SIM card has over 325 partner roaming networks worldwide. In all the major business and tourism countries, OneSimCard M2M has 2 or more network partners. This network redundancy allows OneSimCard M2M to continuously offer its customers the best available network by constantly monitoring signal strength. The OneSimCard M2M Global IoT SIM card seeks out the strongest signal and registers on that network, even when  valuable assets are crossing borders. For more information on OneSimCard M2M’s Network Connectedly and Redundancy please visit the technology page.

In addition, OneSimCard M2M’s advanced administrative IoT platform provides easy management of thousands of OneSimCards, allowing customers to dramatically improve both the security and visibility of their mobile valuable assets.  

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