Medical Monitoring

Remote Medical Monitoring is and will change the lives of millions of people for the better. The remote collection and transmission of key vital signs, blood sugar levels, blood oxygen levels, heart rate, blood pressure, weight and many others are allowing more and more people to maintain their health without having to visit or be confined to a medical facility. Other applications allow physicians to track medicine usage or the physical location of the patient.

The lifestyle advantages of remote medical monitoring are huge, as are the medical expense savings. As technology continues to improve, remote medical monitoring applications will certainly continue to increase too. Medical monitoring requires the best possible and most secure M2M connectivity available. To support this, OneSimCard M2M offers premium secure solutions featuring redundant and high speed worldwide IoT connectivity, Private APNsVPNs and Static IP addresses.

For remote medical monitoring, OneSimCard M2M’s advances administrative account portal features customizable reporting and global SIM card management.

Outstanding remote patient care is certainly one of great benefits IoT offers to society. OneSimCard M2M / IoT offers premium secure connectivity to this segment.

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