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Smart Home

IoT technology has made the “Smart Home” a reality. From remotely regulating temperature, opening window shades, turning off lights or monitoring doors, M2M connectivity is vital to a smart home.  In addition, IoT plays a very large role in home security systems and alarms as many home owners want “back up” connectivity in addition to their landlines.  

In this segment, OneSimCard M2M works with both Smart Home installers and Smart Home device manufacturers & distributors. For installation companies, OneSimCard M2M offers premium M2M connectivity at a fixed location along with a very dynamic SIM card management system with advanced reporting tools and features.

For Smart Home OEMs & their distributors, OneSimCard M2M offers immediate connectivity with OneSimCards pre-installed in the device. Offering the complete solution, including an IoT service contract, is a huge benefit to end users and removes a major barrier to product sales. For manufacturers & distributors, OneSimCard M2M also offers post sales worldwide customer support options.

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