OneSIM IMEI Lock - Prevent Unauthorized SIM Usage

Enhance data and device security by ensuring that a specific SIM card is locked to an individual device by linking the SIM to the IMEI of the IoT device.

Are you concerned about having an IoT / M2M SIM being taken from your remote device and used in other devices without your knowledge? If so, OneSimCard IoT has a solution for you.

The "OneSim IMEI Lock" service adds a layer of security and assures that a SIM card can only be used in the IoT device to which it is assigned. OneSim IMEI Lock allows the user to link OneSimCard IoT's international data SIM to a particular IoT device by using the device's unique IMEI number. Locking a SIM card to a singular device can be critical to IoT security and prevent significant financial losses, especially for international SIM card deployments.

Companies using SIM cards need to make certain that the SIM card cannot be taken from the IoT unit and installed into another device (think Smartphone or Tablet) which may use considerably more data. OneSim IMEI Lock is also crucial to ensure data being collected is accurately tied to the device sending it. With the continued surge of IoT devices being deployed globally, having this additional layer of SIM security is pivotal.

If you are interested in learning more about the OneSIM IMEI Lock or any of our other security features available for our IoT / M2M SIM cards with international connectivity, please contact our experts today!

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