OSCAR IoT SIM Card Management Portal

OSCAR Features PAYG Account Pooled Account
General Management
Activate SIM Cards
Suspend/Un-Suspend any SIM card
Assign administrators to specific groups of SIM cards
Assign various user rights to accounts administrators
Send/Receive SMS directly from portal at reduced cost
Basic Troubleshooting including Geo-Location, SIM network reconnect, and Active Session information
Lock SIMs to a particular IMEI
Assign "nicknames" to SIM cards for easier management
Set SIM card Data Connection options and limits
Set SIM card funding options and limits
Usage Alarms
Simplified SIM Funding
Set up SIM cards to Auto Recharge from main M2M Account balance
Move funds from one SIM to another
Purchase additional SIM cards
Add funds to existing SIM cards
Numerous payment options
SIM cards with Data Package to be activated when traffic starts moving
SIM cards with data packages scheduled to get activated later
SIM with the balance below X
SIM cards with the data usage over the last X DAYS above YMB
SIM Cards by spending – Top X% in 30 days
SIM cards that reached monthly additions limit
SIM cards 10% below monthly additions limit
Quick overview of your account
Overall account health status report of services
3 Month data usage graph
Top 10 SIMs by data or SMS consumption
Meter indicating amount of data remaining in the pool
World map showing where your SIMs are registered
Charts indicating status of SIMs (e.g. Active Vs. Blocked Vs. Ready for Activation)

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